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Fab Bag October 2018 Review & Unboxing

by - October 22, 2018

Hello every as i received my beauty subscription fab bag for the October month very early but i was busy with my office work and could not review October 2018 fab bag. In this post i will let you guys know about October 2018 fab bag review what are the products in fab bag and whether it's a worth buy.
As it's a festival season which is of navaratri fab bag has come up with a 10 lipsticks this month i was very eager to know what will be the 10 lipsticks brand and how they look like.

Fab bag October 2018 Packing :

I find the bag quiet similar to last month September fab bag as the print on the bag looks the same. But this month bag has a handle to it which gives an easy use. As bag choice is not provided by fab bag what ever they send we receive. This month bag looks colorful but was expected a different design.

Price : INR 599 and gives free shipping

Whats in October 2018 fab bag :

Received an information card, contest card and 4 products inside the October 2018 fab bag. I was first opened a saw the lipsticks as i said was waiting to see the shades of the colors. As i have seen a promo on youtube which confirms 10 shades of lipsticks.

  1. Seduction Las Vegas Mini Lipstick Set (Set of 10)

  2. Tvakh Elixir - Hair Growth Concentrate

  3. The Soap Company India Handcrafted Luxury Soap

  4. Bioayurveda Miracle Moisture Toning Face Cream

Above all are the products which i received in beauty subscription fab bag for the month of October 2018. All the products are worth of Rs. 2,124 which we need to buy at a price of only Rs. 599 /- In this month fab bag October 2018 we received only 1 full size product which is a disappointing for me.
Lets go and unbox the products and see how they look and feel like one by one

Seduction Las Vegas Mini Lipstick Set (Set of 10)

Price Rs.499/-

Set of 10 Mini lipstick set from seduction las vegas is amazing semi matte i was not expected that the little cute lipsticks would be semi matte and all the colors are pretty cool and i loved them.

All the 10 colors comes in a small box with lipsticks. Do see the swathes of the lip colors and all the shades.

Received random color shades with no order and they are amazing shades. I was expected a branded one but this brand amazed me with the great shades.

Tvakh Elixir - Hair Growth Concentrate

Price : Rs. 400/- for 20 ML

Products comes in a glass bottle with a press able open to get the little amount of hair concentrate. I liked the packaging of the product. Am not sure how effective the products results to need to try as i have earlier received a face scrub from the same brand from tvakh.

The Soap Company India Handcrafted Luxury Soap

Price Rs. 350/-

This is only one product which i received was a full size product and i was surprised to see a beauty soap in fab bag as this is the first time i have received a soap in a beauty subscription box. The company claims that is a daily luxury beauty bar which helps in hydrate brighter the skin when used.
I'm gonna definitely try this beauty soap and it smells same like pomegranate.

Bioayurveda Miracle Moisture Toning Face Cream

Price Rs. 875/- for 20 ML

Bioayurveda came up with a moisture toning face cream this is a new brand to me and it claims that it can be used for nourished tone & Firmness. Am not sure about this product as i do have a sensitive face and don't want to use new brands and can't trust easily.

Over All Rating and Experience of October 2018 Fab Bag review

As Fab bag is a good subscription box to opt but this time it was a disappointing for me because the brands which came all were new and i need to try them for at least 2 weeks to know them better. Only 1 product which i liked was the 10 set lipsticks as the lip colors were cute but still was expecting more branded products like Sugar. So i would not recommend to but his month fab bag apart from the lipsticks i don't think others were a worth.

Rating : 3/5

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