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DearPacker Home Remedy Mask Sandalwood + Rose Water Review

by - September 25, 2018

Finally i got my first ever sheet masks from nykaa as these days sheet mask are trending. Today i bought dearpacker sheet masks and am going to review about them. This face mask prevents skin from getting dry and dehydrated by keeping intact skin’s moisture barrier and Rose water increases skin vitality by sealing moisture and freshening up the skin. So, let’s get into the details about the DearPacker Home Remedy Mask Sandalwood + Rose Water.

Price : Rs.100 for 20gm(1 Sheet)

Key Ingredients:

Sandalwood and Rosewater extracts
Packaging :
It comes in a packet closed with a liquid of sheet mask. I really like the serum in the sheet mask.

DearPacker Home Remedy Mask Sandalwood + Rose Water Description:

DearPacker Home Remedy Mask Sandalwood + Rose Water

As the dearpacker sheet mask is of Sandalwood and Rose Water these two are the best ingredients i must say to help your skin fight with pimples and skin related problems. But as it's a sheet mask we need to see how effective its of.Get younger looking and glowing complexion with Dear packer Home Remedy Masks which Contains sandalwood tree extract's as it acts as anti-septic properties on your face.This face mask prevents the skin from getting infected and forming acne. Vitamin C from rose-water extracts smoother skin texture and increase skin vitality.

DearPacker Home Remedy Mask Sandalwood + Rose Water Claims :

  • Keeps the skin soft, smooth and glowing

  • Lightens and brightens the skin

  • 100 % Pure Cotton- Made Mask Sheets

  • Special concentrated solution for your face

  • 5 free - No Paraben, No Mineral oil, No Talc, No Triclosan, No Triethanolamine

DearPacker Home Remedy Mask Sandalwood + Rose Water Review

Colour & Texture :

Colour of the sheet mask is in white and the texture of the product is too good. Serum is so thick in the sheet.

Fragrance :

As there is sandalwood and rose-water extract i expected a very long fragrance but only when i open the packet i got the smell of the both but it doesn't last for a longer time. fragrance is disappointing very mild smell.
Directions To Use Sheet Mask :DearPacker Home Remedy Mask Sandalwood + Rose Water

Wash your face with a face wash and soothe it with toner.Once your face is clean and dry Spread the mask sheet evenly over the face. Let the sheet mask dry keep it for 10-20 minutes, After that remove the mask pack.
Essence is left on your face after taking off the mask, tap your face for allowing the essence to be completely absorbed into your skin. I prefer massing on my face once i remove the sheet mask from my face.

My Experience with Dear Packer Sandalwood + Rose Water Home Remedy Mask

DearPacker is professional Korean brand introducing skin care products as this product is available at affordable prices only at Nykaa! I got them at any sale from nykaa i do recommend when there is a sale grab them all. As the sheet mask main ingredients was sandalwood and rose-water i expected to be a good one as on the package they mentioned that the sheet mask is for moisturizing purpose. I do feel it has moisturized my face after i applied the sheet mask but about the fragrance i was disappointed with.
The Sheet mask fitted my face cut very well the size is an apt for my face. After i applied the sheet mask on my face for 10 to 15 min. I removed my sheet mask after that what all serum is left over in the packet i removed all and applied the serum on my face and gently massaged it was so relaxing after applying the serum on my face.

Would I Repurchase or Recommend?

Yes, and if you're looking for a moistirized and relaxing sheet mask go for it.
Rating : 4.3/5

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