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Mother Sparsh Water Wipes Are Better Than Other Baby Wipes

by - August 08, 2018

For all the mothers out there i know how much care you would be taking for your babies from a small little things to all of them. We do take care of lot of things especially their sensitive skin care for our babies. We do have many skin care products with many brands but it's very important to pick the best out of them whic is mothersparsh brand. Here is a best baby wipes and i would be telling you why Mother Sparsh Water Wipes Are Better Than Other Baby Wipes.

Mother Sparsh Water Wipes Are Better Then Other Baby Wipes

Most of the mothers look for a chemically free Baby Water Wipes as some of the baby wet wipes are not Alcohol Free Baby Wipes. Lets see a Polyester Free Baby Wipes from a brand from mother sparsh baby products which are Water Based Wipes in India and also Clinically proven water wipes.

Price : 185/-

Best Before 12 months

Where to Buy : Amazon, Firstcry,Flipkart and many online websites

No of Wipes : 1 Pack of 80 Baby Water Wipes

For List of Ingredients check below image 

[caption id="attachment_3567" align="aligncenter" width="2650"]Mother Sparsh Water Wipes Mother Sparsh Water Wipes[/caption]

Newborns has a sensitive skin which all of the doctors advises us to clean the newborn with pure water and cotton. As suggested by doctors Mother Sparsh Baby Wipes has 98% water in the baby wipes.

  • 98% water wipes - newborn delicate skin is advised to clean with pure water & cotton

  • Suitable from birth - our wipes are purest water based wipes making it suitable for newborns even

  • Baby's skin is 10 times more delicate than adult skin which makes it prone to rashes and infections

  • Natural care with aloe vera and vitamin e, ph balanced, extra moisture

Pros of Mother Sears Baby Wipes

  • Prevents from Diaper Rashes Wipes

  • Parabens and Alcohol Free Water Wipes

  • Hypoallergenic and pH Balanced Water Wipes

  • 100% biodegradable wipes

  • Wipes are made via pant based fabric

  • Can be used as a face wipes as well

Good thing about Mother Sparsh Water Wipes Are it prevents diaper rashers which i clinically proven hence we can use Mother Sparsh Water Wipes undoubtedly.

Whats so different in Mother Sparsh Water Wipes than ordinary wipes?

Mother Sparsh Water Wipes has a 98% water contains in it as Ordinary wipes usually tent to dry out the wipes and can't be sustained for longer duration. But Mother Sparsh Water Wipes has water consist which is a star of the product.

How to Use Mother Spanish Water Wipes

First peel off the label which is available front of the packet then take off the wipe you needed and then seal the pack label securely to prevent from dust.

Final Verdict about Mother Sparsh Water Wipes 

I finally feel using Mother Sparsh Water Wipes are completely healthy which out any irritating to the skin. No rashers for babies as well.80 wipes for low-cost is the convenience to buy is my feel. I do recommend this product to use for your baby's as it really safe to use.
After using the wet wipes on my face i will my skin dirt came out cleaned very will. I really likes the skin of the wipes and also wipes are so smooth it doesn't give any irritation. As i used other ordinary wipes they do give me a irritation of my face and if some wet wipes goes int my eyes it hurts too much but their is no such reaction which this Mother Sparsh Water Wipes

I give 5/5 Rating for the Product. Hope you like my post do let me know which wipes you use via a comment.

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