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Earrings from Preciousyou.in Review

by - July 09, 2018

Earrings from Preciousyou.in Today, fashion is skyrocketing in terms of new designs and new artworks and that is the reason why everyone loves the optimum loom for any occasion, be it a date night or a formal event at the office. I, too, always look forth with the hope to look stunning and stand out amidst a huge crowd, not because I need to boast about my beauty but because I believe, a proper fashion can make you bold and confident. It’s true, I get my confidence, my attitude and even my strength from what I wear and how I prepare myself.

I have seen many people wearing extravagant clothes, jeweler's and even carrying tons of accessories but their fashion doesn’t match their personality. In fact, with too many things, it becomes difficult to carry yourself with no hesitation and fear. This is the reason why I always keep my fashion sense simple yet impressive that will compel people to take a glance at me and be awestruck.

I always love to invoke my own fashion sense, be it in the dresses I wear or the jeweler's I adorn myself with. And truly speaking, without the sheer help of PreciousYou.in. This online ornamental site has helped me a lot in making my true self prominent and give myself a divine look every time I wear something bought from their online window portal.

Recently I bought three earring pieces and truly speaking, I’m in love with them. It's like they have become my best companion. Though I have bought many pieces of jewelry from their online portal, these three earrings are like a dream come true.

My Experience with Preciousyou.in

Last week I had to attend a social event where the dress code was Indian ethnic formal and when it comes to the ethnic clothes, earrings are a must. I wore a long sleeve Anarkali gown for the event but my main confusion was regarding the jewelry that I had to match with the dress.

The main thing was I couldn’t find anything proper that will highlight the Indian woman in me and also will make me look bold. Then my eyes went to the golden piece of earrings that I had bought from Preciousyou.in. And all my confusions flew away from the window.

Jewelry Earrings from Preciousyou.in

Neenaski Earrings

Price : INR 999

Buy Here

Earrings from Preciousyou.in Review

The earring was made in two tiers, with one jhumka surrounded by a golden metal circle to whose edge were attached three other jhumkas. This piece of jewelry was undoubtedly marvelous and it actually became a hot topic at the event.

Royalty Chandelier Earrings

Price : INR 999

Buy Here 

Earrings from Preciousyou.in Review

Another piece of jewelry from Preciousyou.in that I love is a amethyst colored stone studded earring with a fish body following the stone and the chassis was made with golden metal work. The two fins had two sparkling white stones, creating a perfect complement with the blue colored central stone. When I wore that earring, I just felt to be complete and could feel the confidence flowing out of my veins and cocooning me in its warm embrace.

Assemet Earrings

Price : INR 999

Buy Here

Earrings from Preciousyou.in Review

I bought another piece of jewelry which had both an Indian look to it along with a casual touch to it. It has three oink colored cubes arranged in a tiered form with a golden jhumka hanging from the last cube. In fact, this earring suited with both Indian dresses and a formal attire, something that I love the most.
Preciousyou.in is one of the best jewelry sites I have ever seen with a varied collection, starting from golden earring to afghani ornaments, it's a dream site for every girl.

Pros of Earrings from Preciousyou.in

  • Amazing designs in every category

  • Delivery is fast

  • Quality of the products are too good

  • Worth the buy

  • Packing was a surprise it came with a box with 3 earrings 

Cons of Preciousyou.in

  • I feel the price is high but trust me if you're looking for amazing designs must need to try

Final Verdict

Over all 5/5 rating for the online jewelry store as it has an amazing collections with a great quality of the product. As i received the product within 3 days of time which is super fast. Really looking forward to order more online jewelry for me. All the 3 jewelry of earpieces are amazing loved them. I do recommend to shop them from Preciousyou.in.

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