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Glamego Box June 2018 - I am Not Regular

by - June 05, 2018

Hello every welcome back today we will be seeing unboxing and review on this month Glamego Box June 2018 - I am Not Regular lets see what are all the products we received in this month Glamego box and i will give you my honest june glamego box review whether you need to buy this month Glamego Box June 2018.
As we all know that glamego box is the best monthly subscription boxes for women in india as the price and the products in the glamego beauty subscription box. In glamego box we usually get hair care,skin care.beauty and makeup related products.

Glamego Box June 2018

best monthly subscription boxes for women

Glamego Box June 2018

How To Order Glamego Box Online?

  • Visit glamego.com website which is the website where you need to place the order

  • You find option of subscribe, You need to choose a Subscription Plan

  • Proceed to checkout and pay via many options like debit card, credit card,Paytm Wallets,ect

  • Delivery of the glamego beauty subscription box would be in 7 working days

June Glamego Box Review

This month Glamego came up with a theme of I am Not Regular which is totally out of the mind theme and its mentioned on the June Glamego Box. I agree that every is diffrent in their on way as it's an apt for this month Glamego Box June 2018 - I am Not Regular.

Glamego Box June 2018 Packing

Packing of glamego beauty subscription box came up with orange color box a women printed which babool gum in her mouth. Unique thing about glamego beauty subscription box is box comes with a magnetic closing and we can use glamego box for our beauty products storage.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1461"] best monthly subscription boxes for women[/caption]

In june glamego box we can find 3 cards in it. 1 is info card about all the products in the Glamego Box June 2018 2nd is 20% off on aroma magic products and 3rd is a temperature storage card.
We have total of 4 products in this month Glamego Box June 2018 which includes hair care,personal care,beauty and skin care.

Whats in Glamego Box June 2018

1. Lip Contour Kit - Rs.1149
2. Vert - Love potion - Solid Perfume - Rs.1000
3. Aroma Magic - Coffee Face Scrub - Rs.75
4. Sesa Ayurvedic Hair Oil
Above are the four products i received in the glamego box all the products and the quality is amazing thats the reason Glamego is the best monthly subscription boxes for women in India. I personally like glamego box beauty superscription box among other beauty superscription boxes in India.

Price of June Glamego Box

Rs. 399 for 1 month
I would suggest to buy a 3 month glamego beauty subscription box which you will be paid less at a discount.

1. Lip Contour Kit

Price : 1149/-
Shade : 8_Hollywood cerise
Bella Voste Ulti matte Lip Contour Set

[caption id="attachment_3154" align="aligncenter" width="665"]Bella Voste Ulti matte Lip Contour Set Bella Voste Ulti matte Lip Contour Set[/caption]

Lip Contour Kit consists of two products in it one is Lip Liner and other is Lipstick. I had an option to select the shade for the Lip Contour kit i have selected Bella Voste Ulti matte Lip Contour Set shade 8_Hollywood cerise which looks dark pink as i love shades in pinkish colors.
Really color thing about is this Lip contour is that it's not yet available in the market yet from next month it will be available so first face of the products was given for us in Glamego beauty subscription box. Such a cool thing we received Bella Voste Ulti matte Lip Contour Set i loved it.
I will give you guys a review on Bella Voste Ulti matte Lip Contour Set with complete swathes and staying power of the lipstick.

2. Vert - Love potion - Solid Perfume

[caption id="attachment_3151" align="aligncenter" width="665"]Vert - Love potion - Solid Perfume Vert - Love potion - Solid Perfume[/caption]

Price : 1000/-
Self life : 6 months
This is the first time am seeing a solid perfume before i was surprise to see a solid perfume in this month box. The smell is great as i can use a tiny amount of the product on my hand that is it all the fragrance we be around me.
As it says It's an organic,Natural fragrance,freshness and handmade defines vert. Vert gets the ingredients from all over the word to bring the luxury to your lap.
Good thing is that in this solid perfume there is no alcohol and no preservatives added.

3. Aroma Magic - Coffee Face Scrub

Aroma Magic - Coffee Face Scrub

Price : 75/-
I have other skin care products from Aroma Magic brand and also i received it in Glamego box as well many times.
Product Claims that its 100 % free from chemicals free product to use it gives skin breathe and rejuvenate when you use coffee face scrub on your skin. For better results leave for 10 months on skin and scrub off the dirt on your face.

4. Sesa Ayurvedic Hair Oil

[caption id="attachment_3150" align="aligncenter" width="665"]Sesa Ayurvedic Hair Oil Sesa Ayurvedic Hair Oil[/caption]

Price : 130/-
Product claims Sesa is a well-known barnd for its usage of pure ayurvedic ingredients which delivers what the product is of its perfect for hairfall soultion. Main Ingredients are bhrungraj,brahmi, Jalamansi,vaj,triphl,effective for hair growth and reduces hairfall.
I need to try this sesa ayurvedic hair oil and i would be letting you guys how it works but i feel it's an ayurvedic hair oil and there is a strong smell of herbs init.

My Final Verdict on June Glamego Box Review

I was some how happy but i expected other beauty product to be there in this month glamego beauty subscription box but only 4 products inside the Glamego Box June 2018.
The 🌟 star product of glamego box was Lip Contour Kit that's the reason a big thump up and glamego is best monthly subscription boxes for women in India would be definitely. I already used many lip shades from this brand. But this lip set contour is unique as ut comes with lipliner and lipsticks both goes amazing on lips. So i recommend to buy this month june glamego box june 2018.
Would i recommend Buying glamego beauty subscription box June 2018 ?

If you are a lipstick lover and you would need a long-lasting lipclour it's a must buy for you because in this month as said above Bella Voste Ulti matte Lip Contour Set is a star product. I feel we wont be buying separately for Rs 1149 as its a huge amount so we can buy glamego beauty subscription box for such an affordable price.
Finally guys this was my honest June glamego box review.

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