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Best Face Packs For Summers

by - June 12, 2018

Summer is round the corner and your skin is tired of sweat, oil and regular breakouts. Thus, how to take care of your skin in summer is a million dollar question. In summers you will see that the skin becomes quite dull and tired too. Thus, you also need to keep your face fresh and glowing in summers and see best face packs for summer.

Thus, let’s have a look at what are some of the best face packs for summer

[caption id="attachment_3201" align="aligncenter" width="600"]best face pack for summer in india best face pack for summer in india[/caption]

Ice Face Pack

Nothing better than ice for summers. And when you get to apply it on your face then your face instantly gets cooled. You only need to apply ice cubes on your face and then keep rubbing the ice cubes gently for a good 5-10 minutes every day. This will tighten your face, close the pores and also reduce breakouts in due course of time. You can also add lemon drops or rose petals into the ice cubes to get that flavored ice cubes.

Cucumber Face Pack

[caption id="attachment_3200" align="aligncenter" width="729"]face pack for summer for oily skin face pack for summer for oily skin[/caption]

Why not crush some fresh cucumbers and add few drops of honey into it. This will add the moisture boost to your face and the cucumber will cool down your face and reduce the summer tan also.

Tomato Face Pack

[caption id="attachment_3202" align="aligncenter" width="729"]summer face pack for glowing skin summer face pack for glowing skin[/caption]

Tomato is one of the best fruit to be consumed in summers. It adds glow to your face. You only need to extract tomato juice and apply it directly on your face. let it dry and then rinse your face with water.

Strawberry face pack

crush some fresh strawberries and then apply on your face. let it air dry and then rinse your face with water.

Multani Mitti

Multani Mitti which is also known as fuller earth is known as the glow enhancer in India. This is readily available and you need to dilute it either with curd, water or rose water so that the paste spreads readily all over your face. Once it dries out, wash your face with water.

Papaya Face Pack

Crush raw papaya and dilute it with water and apply directly on your face. This not only softens your face but also helps to get rid of face pigmentation as well. The enzymes in papaya makes the face glow and also adds a healthy radiance to the face.
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