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How to Get Glass Skin At Home Naturally

by - May 29, 2018

How to Get Glass Skin At Home Naturally

Korean Glass skin routine is the newly evolved skin. It is a transparent porcelain skin which looks gorgeous and plumped up. You can say that glass skin is very similar to the natural dewy skin and let us know how to get glass skin at home naturally.
I am sure you might have come across many gorgeous beauties who have beautiful shining skin and you might have thought that I also want to have the same. So, here comes your guide on how to get glass skin at home naturally.

Glass Skin Steps

Step 1 : Makeup Remover
Makeup Remover

This is the night-time routine. Begin by removing your makeup. Use a makeup based cleanser for your kin. Best is to use cleansing oils for dry or combination skin type. You can use gel based makeup removers for oily skin type.
Step 2 : Toner

This is the double cleansing process where you need to use toner to remove even the makeup which has entered your skin. Toner will also help in removing dirt and oil from your skin. Doesn’t matter what skin type you have use of toner is a must.

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Step 3 : Exfoliator

Exfoliator is a must to remove dead skin cells from your skin. It will not only take away dead skin cells but will also remove any dirt or oil from the skin. Make sure to double-check the ingredient list of exfoliator so that it doesn’t strip away the moisture from your face.

Step 4 : Moisture

This is a very important step. Make sure that you apply moisturizer on your skin. This should be lightweight and grease free. Use the perfect moisturizer as per your skin type.

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Step 5 : Sheet Masks
Sheet masks

Make sure that you use sheet masks at least twice to thrice a week. You can use any sheet mask of your choice. Sheet mask will not only hydrate your skin but will also add glow to your face.

Step 6 : Face Masks

Face Masks

You can also use face masks for your face on days when you are not using sheet masks. You can go for the market available face masks or make your own face mask by your favorite products.

So. All the above glass skin steps to be followed to get glass skin at home naturally. As you can also follow the korean glass skin routine to get flawless skin at home. All the steps above can be easily done at home with our natural products.
Hope you liked the and understood how to get glass skin korean which is a booming beauty trend going viral these days. Do let me know if you have tried how to get glass skin at home naturally at home and let me know via a comment below.

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