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Faconn Peppermint Essential Oil

by - May 13, 2018

Faconn Peppermint Essential OilHii Girlies, I have heard many people raving and going gaga over oils. Many term oils as new and innovative beautifying thing in the makeup industry. Many believe that oils are a must have in daily skin care regimen. And I being a dry skinned girl oils should be my best friend (That’s what makeup guru claims).

So, I also thought of why not to pamper my skin with some oils ooopps beautifying oils. But my stock of essential oil was over, thus when I got Faconn Peppermint Essential Oil from Grabox then I was excited.

Price: INR 300

Product Description of Faconn Peppermint Essential oil

This Peppermint oil from the house of Faconn comes in a small sized carton box. This carton box has all the product details mentioned in quite brief. The Faconn Peppermint Essential Oil comes in a glass bottle which is quite small in size. The small size makes it travel friendly. But sadly the bottle is made up of thick glass which makes it quite prone to breakage. So, just take care that the bottle doesn’t fall otherwise it might break.

[caption id="attachment_2925" align="aligncenter" width="665"]Faconn Peppermint Essential Oil Faconn Peppermint Essential Oil[/caption]

The oil is liquid and quite runny in consistency. But as most of the essential oils must be diluted with water or any other oil before using them. It is because the essential oils are quite strong so, it might not suit many people if used in pure form.
Uses of Faconn Peppermint Essential Oil

The oil can be used in multiple ways. It can used as a face pack but of course diluted with other ingredients. It can also be used as hair packs. The oil is known to cure dandruff and treat hair allergies. Other than this the oil also works as a wonder portion for hair growth. Faconn Peppermint Essential Oil can also be used as a mild makeup remover.

The oil has a tingling sensation which stays for quite long on skin. This can be an issue for sensitive skin beauties. The smell of the oil is also typical peppermint which also stays for quite good amount of time. The oil is used in little quantity per usage which makes the oil last quite long. The oil will easily last you 2-3 months.
Pros of Faconn Peppermint Essential Oil

  1. Goodness of Peppermint oil

  2. Can be used in multiple ways

  3. Little quantity required per usage

  4. Travel friendly size

Cons of Faconn Peppermint Essential Oil

  1. Smell and the lingering feeling can be bothersome for some

Rating – 4/5

Whether I would recommend the product to others

Yes, surely. Come on girls this oils are a must try a product for all of us. Your skin and hair deserve some special pampering for sure.


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