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10 Super Amazing Wide Leg Cropped Pants Outfits

by - April 19, 2018

Wide Leg cropped pants are such a “Trending” and “IN” thing to wear. They have been quite popular in the fashion circle and thus the time has come to make them a staple in your wardrobe. And why not? Wide leg cropped pants are extremely versatile in nature. They can be a part of your formal wardrobe as well as you can even wear them to your weekend brunch or a classy outing to your friend’s place.

But we know some of you might be confused as what to pair this wide leg cropped pants with. Let’s have a look at 10 super amazing wide leg cropped pant outfits for different places

Casual LookThis is one of the most causal and easy to pair look with wide leg cropped pants. Here you only need to wear a simple striped tee with your wide leg cropped pants. But make sure that your pants are plain otherwise there might be a clash of prints or stripes.

Denim Look – With denim wide leg cropped pants you can wear a simple basic tee. The tee can be plain also and it can be a statement tee as well. Both will look equally well with the denim wide leg cropped pants. Also, this is a sporty look so make sure that you wear simple shoes or sneakers to go with the outfit.

Print look – This is a print on print look. If you are wearing a wide leg cropped pant which has bigger prints at the bottom then make sure that you wear some smaller prints at the top in order to balance the entire outfit. This can be a regular fun easy peasy outfit for day outings during summers.

Simple Printed look – if you want to keep your look simple and not too clashing then you just keep the top plain with your printed wide leg cropped pant. The best top to wear with any printed wide leg cropped pant is a plain white shirt. This will balance the entire outfit and make you look stylish and classy at the same time.

Statement Look – Now, comes the statement look. Wear a simple plain wide leg cropped pant with a basic tee. But the star attraction of the outfit is not clothing but accessories. Make sure that you wear a statement piece which goes well with the outfit. You can wear a statement necklace or even a statement earring will also work in this look.

Formal Look – And this is the time for the office wear look. Tuck in formal shirts go really well with wide leg cropped pants. But make sure that your pants are well tailored. Too much of wide legged might not look good in the office. So make sure that you choose a moderate wide leg cropped pants for office.

Sleek Look – In case you have a too much of wide leg cropped pants and you are completely unsure as how to pair it with. Then don’t worry we have got you covered. Wear a peplum top over your excessive wide leg cropped pant. This will balance the entire look and you will look perfectly proportional to the otherwise too wide leg cropped pant.

Cropped Look – And do you know even crop tops look really cool with wide leg cropped pants. They give a polished look and is perfect for those casual dinners or even dates. You can also accessorize the look by adding minimal yet classy accessories to it.

Solid Look – In case your wide leg cropped pants are in solid colour then make sure you wear a simple tee of contrasting colour to go with this look. The tee can be plain as well as a printed tee also. But make sure that the entire look is balanced and the colours are well coordinated.

Monotone look – With Wide leg cropped pants you can even try a monotone look also. For instance wear a plain black wide leg cropped pant and pair it with a plain black tee. You can glam up the outfit with either colored footwear or with some colourful accessories.

So, these were some of the best 10 looks which you can rock with your wide leg cropped pants. Let us know in the comments down below if you have any more such ideas which will look equally well with wide leg cropped pants.


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