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Axis Bank Personal Banking

by - December 19, 2017

Online banking is a most powerful and needful thing in today Life for every small or big business we are depending on banking as it's plays an important role in everyday life.

 Personal and Corporate banking

Personal banking is where if you have a savings bank account with the bank it may be salary account,easy access account etc. In savings account banks give a rate of interest per annum.

Corporate banking is where you have a current account with the bank and has no rate of interest provide for any current bank accounts.

How to register for Axis Bank Personal Banking or Internet Banking

In order to register Axis bank personal banking you require

  • Customer Id

  • Register mobile number

  • Active Debit card

  • Account number

Above are the details required to register for axis bank personal banking keep them Handy before you start for registration

  1. In google search for www.axisbank.com in right hand side you find personal banking option.

  2. Click on the register option you we see axis bank personal banking registration page

  3. Enter your Customer id and proceed. Your Customer ID becomes your login id for Axis bank Personal banking. If you don't remember your customer id You can also SMS "CustID" space your account number to 5676782 from your registered mobile number to know your Customer ID.

  4. Enter User Information in this page you need to enter your Account number, Debit card number, Debit card Expiry Date. Choose currency as INR indian rupee.

  5. In Next step you need to enter your new password as per your choose remember it should be alphanumeric and special character combination (abc32!#$) Twice the new password need to be confirmed.

  6. Finally step where you will receive a otp to the register mobile number confirm by entering the otp. Enter the opt in 30sec or else it will be expired.


[caption width="300" id="attachment_1823" align="alignleft"]Axis Bank Axis Bank[/caption]

[caption width="300" id="attachment_1824" align="alignright"]Axis Bank Axis Bank[/caption]







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These steps can be followed to register for axis bank Personal Banking Registration. If you have any queries about the registration procedure you can comment below i will help you out


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