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Himalaya Mud Face Pack For Oily Skin

by - October 17, 2017

Himalaya face pack for oily skin -Hello lovelies after my review of Himalaya face scrub I got more response's and asked for Himalaya mud face pack review

About Himalaya :

Himalaya herbal brands which manufacturers herbal products from skin care to body and baby care they have many products since 1930

About Mud Pack :

Mud have an important minerals in it which absorb toxins from the skin from my mother's time mud packs are famous for skin. Previous we have to get in package but now a days we get them ready-made directly to apply on the skin
I do have an oily and acne skin what best can be for oily skin other than a mud pack. It not only smooth cleans your skin and also thighs your skin for looking younger.

About Himalaya Mud Face pack :

This mud face pack is suitable for oily to combination skin type the product is a combination of multani miti and Walnut.

I'm already using this product from many days and I'm happy with the results after using it

Price : INR 130 for 100 grams

Self Life : 3 years

Ingredients :

Mud Pack

What does Himalaya Mud Pack claims :

Himalaya Mud pack claims that it is mineral rich pack which absorb excess oil on your face once applied it clears clogged pores and deeply cleans impurities.

Demo :

How to use the Mud Pack :

Pros :

Product have Walnut in it which is great to remove dead cells on the skin

Spreads easily with good consistency

Works great with a scrub

Smooth soft and clear skin once applied

Easily available in the market online/offline

Removes oily from the face good for oily skin

Mild smell

No harmful chemicals

Cons :

It slightly burns on face after applying on the skin

Removing the mud pack is a task

Not for dry skin

My recommendation and How i use :

I used Himalaya mud pack before using Himalaya herbal neem scrub to get more effective results

First I will clean my face with a face wash then I use Himalaya neem scrub for 2-3 minutes I massage on my face and then comes Himalaya mud pack I apply on my clean face I spread mud pack over all my face with a brush avoid eye area. Allow it to dry for 20 minutes then wash face with water.

I recommend to use with a good scrub to get good results and use it twice a week.

Final Rating : 4.8/5

Will i purchase it again : Yes

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Thank you

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  1. i need to try this!! my skin is the worst lol

  2. I will suggest this to my sis . thank you for your clean and compact review.

  3. Its a Must try and This mud pack will gives you a instant glow on your face

  4. Definitely you need to recommend this face mask

  5. I would give this a try. I’ve always wanted to try out a mud pack. I’m sure my face would appreciate it.

  6. will have to give this a try my skin does not appreciate winter weather
    come visit us at

  7. Corinne and KirstyNovember 9, 2017 at 2:53 PM

    Looks like this product is really good. Really few cons for many pros. I never tried a mud mask but considering my skin is so difficult at the moment, I should!

  8. i love masks and unfortunately i cannot use this as i have dry skin

  9. Wow sounds great! Need a good product to deeply cleanse my oily skin! Thanks for the review 🙂

  10. I love to try new skincare products. I will have to pick up a Himalaya mud face pack to try. With the weather getting colder I could use a little TLC.

  11. Wow, I didn’t realize that walnut was great for removing dead cells. That’s very interesting, I’ll have to research this ingredient more!

  12. Haven’t heard about this brand. I would like to try it soon.

  13. Product have Walnut in it which is great to remove dead cells on the skin

    The Himalaya Mud Pack doesn’t like attractive but they do an invaluable job. I like that the Himalaya Mud Pack is mineral rich and that it cleans it deep cleans the skin. Is there one for combination to dry skin?

  14. If the only con you could find was it took a little time to remove, it still sounds like worth trying.

  15. Oh wow! Very interesting! Might have to check this out sometime in the future!

  16. I haven’t heard of this brand before. I do enjoy a good mask for my face, though.

  17. I have oily skin and it can be hard to find a good face mask. The Himalaya Mud Face Pack sounds perfect for my skin type.

  18. The is an awesome review, I am happy to know that it has a great result for you. I really want to try it but I have a dry skin, I will still check this out.

  19. I have combination skin mostly but there are times when i need to combat the oil areas and this seems like a great product for that.

  20. It’s good to know that no harmful chemicals in it. This mud pack sounds a good product to try!

  21. Looks like a great product… I have used other masks from Himalaya when I was in India… Gotta try this one 😀