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Best Online Site to Shop in India Paytm

by - October 30, 2017

Hello beauties, we girls will do shopping a lot I personally like to shop a lot it may be online or by walking through the streets discovering my favorite and best things to buy.

I don't get bored or get tired shopping. I love to try out new things and i ensure that it should be within my budget.
I'm gonna let you know the best online site to shop in india that would be Paytm


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My Experience With Online Shopping site Paytm

In my busy schedule also i do a lot online shopping. I had tried many online store for buying beauty, clothing stuff from the online website.

 Paytm : 

My most favorite website in India would be paytm as I liked this site a lot and I shop many goods from this site.

It is a not only a clothing site but also it includes footwear,online recharge, electrical store,beauty products,home appliances what not its a combination of all daily and important products site

First time it was a mobile recharge I made from this site. Actually it was a mobile recharge site they started up with then slowly it expanded the site and now offering many goods and services to the viewers.

My personal experience I shopped a lot from this site as mentioned in the starting. The most important and user-friendly thing in this site is Every Time it offers a cash back to the people and discount will be amazing. I usually order from this site and if I don't like any product i return it, they do refund as there refund policy is great no need to wait for many days for a quality check they refund once we return to the courier service.
As it is having mobile application is a quiet a good option for online shopping lovers to shop any where every where.

The most important thing about paytm we all Indians gone through a most difficult situation that is demonization i hope we all indians will never forget demonization in that period paytm was a god given gift to us as paytm was having mobile wallet Option available. From tea stalls to big stores we all used.


How to install and use paytm in simple 5 steps 


Best Online Site to Shop in India


  1.  You can download it in play store (Paytm link #PaytmKaro)

  2. Click on the smiley option on right side to get register option

  3. Click on create new account, if in case you already registered you also have other option to login there it self

  4. Enter your credentials to register in paytm by using mobile number which is active then choose your password. Password to be in combination of 5 charter, at least 1 number and 1 alphabet than enter your email id its an optional then confirm to continue

  5. You would be getting a OTP to the above entered mobile number. Done your registration is completed and you are ready to shop


Once your done you have multiple options to shop for below is the category which paytm is offering



Best options in Paytm Likes :

  • Mobile Recharge

  • Mobile wallet

  • Bill payment

  • Women store

  • Flight booking Train booking

  • Savings account

  • Movie ticket booking

  • selling is also available

  • Refund policy is good

  • Return option is available

  • User-friendly mobile application

  • Less expensive compare to other sites

  • Discounts and cash back offers are amazing

  • Many services at one platform

  • International clothing is also Available now

  • QR code option to pay bills

  • Paytm application is also available in other languages

  • Mobile wallet is available many indians use this option


  • Some times products quality don't be good perhaps we can ask for refund

  • Paytm don't have the sorting option to highest discount to lowest discount option

  • Be careful when you shop for footwear. As i had many experience were i received other size

  • Too many returns will end up with a band which we can't ask for return product


What all i shopped in paytm

As i already said first experience with paytm was a mobile recharge and there was a offer going on if you register for the first time you will be getting 50 Rs cashback for the successful register in the paytm application. Later i used many times mobile recharge over that time there were no shopping option available. Later shopping for many products are introduced , After i started to shopping in womens store. I buyed kurti, wedges , shrugs, jeggings, beauty products, shirts , jeans, etc. I loved shopping with paytm.

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New feature is also available for business purpose paytm introduced zero balance account this is a life saver for small medium business people. Paytm is growing day by day and used by many indians every where in india.I definitely recommend this site to the online shopper


Overall Rating 4.9/5

Comment below your experience and any help you required

Thanking you


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  1. This looks like a very user-friendly website – everything is well laid out and clear and it seems there are a lot of options.

  2. I had never heard of this website before. It is great that you can find so many things on there!

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  5. Oh cool, I hadn’t heard of this website before. I will have to be sure to check it out.

  6. Thanks for sharing, like you I love shopping for cosmetics and beauty products, my weakness I will have to say is any lipgloss,just cant resist them

  7. Thanks for sharing. It sounds like a really great website. I love that you can get so many different items from them.

  8. I find myself shopping online more too. This sounds like you can find all you need at great prices

  9. Paytm sounds like a wonderful shopping site! Especially as you said you can buy not just clothing but other products too!

  10. I love to shop online. I would love to give Paytm a try. I am always looking for ways to save some cash.

  11. Sounds like a great place to shop. I shop online very frequent and love it.

  12. Need to try and also international shipping is also available

  13. I’ve never heard of this online store before! I shop online a good bit. Thanks for sharing!

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  16. This online site shop seems to have almost everything. It looks so convenient and safe using this.

  17. I love how easy it is to install! I love shopping from other countries but sometimes it’s really hard. Thanks to places like Paytm, we can find all the goodies we want from all around the world!

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  20. I completely agree!! I love Paytm! Great discounts, cashbacks & offers! I got so addicted that I turned off the notifications haha! But, it’s very convenient for money transactions! 🙂

  21. Paytm has been a life saver. I make most of the payments from my phone now. Feel great to go cashless.

  22. Yes i do agree. Happy shopping!

  23. Yes cash less there's days are the life-saving

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  25. It's a magnificent blog and it was very informative while reading. I look forward to reading more of your blogs. Get more info about online cosmetics shopping pakistan